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USDA Prime Beef

Kansas City Steak Company Offers Private Stock USDA Prime Beef

Only the top two percent of all beef produced gets the government label "USDA Prime Beef". Kansas City Steak Company works directly with ranchers in Kansas to get a steady supply of the finest livestock. All cows are young, corn-fed and raised in ideal conditions, resulting in a superior cut of prime beef.

Meat grades vary and the most common cuts of meat found in grocery stores and butcher shops are either Choice or Select. It is rare to find USDA Prime Beef in a retail environment. Most often, upscale restaurants are the ones serving the USDA prime beef.

It is with great pride that Kansas City Steak Company is offering you the chance to purchase Private Stock USDA Prime Beef. Our selections include exquisitely marbled, yet lean cuts such as Filets Mignons, Top Sirloin, Kansas City Strips and Porterhouse Steaks. We assure you that you’ll never taste any meat that is more tender, flavorful or delicious.
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