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Our customers are the reason for everything we do. Your opinions are so important to us — they let us know how we're doing and can spark an idea for something new! Read on to see what people are raving about. We“d love to hear your thoughts, too! Please contact us and give us your feedback!

“I've been buying from The Kansas City Steak Company for many, many years and have not been disappointed with any of the products these folks have sent me. The filets (YUM), along with other KC Steak cuts are always staples in my freezer. My husband loves their T-Bones. I've bought from other reputable online companies, but I prefer to buy from The Kansas City Steak Company. Fast delivery, careful packaging and the steaks always cook up perfectly every time. And, if I happen to over-cook them past medium rare, they're still tender and delicious.”
-- P. G.

This morning I spoke with Karen on Live Chat about last year's holiday orders. She was most helpful and sent me the information I needed...Please thank Karen for me for her great customer service. 
-- Patty K

I just received my order. It arrived on schedule. I ordered the filets and they were amazing. Melt in your mouth perfect and amazing taste.
-- David H.

Just had the beef wellington, awesome awesome awesome, did I mention it was awesome?
-- Mike F

My partner ordered 10 bacon-wrapped filets from QVC and to be honest, I was skeptical. We cooked five of them yesterday and they were really good.
-- Bob V

Excellent customer service
-- Anonymous

We butcher our own beef and I still buy Kansas City steaks! They rock!
-- Debbie D

THE Best!! Beats the place in Nebraska hands down.
-- Gina B

Got the combo pack of 8oz Filets, along with the 5oz Lobster Tails. They gave me 8 5oz Sirloins wrapped with Applewood Bacon for my Birthday, and I also got 12 oz Ribeyes which I had last night. The Ribeye was fantastic.

-- Jeff L

Love your filets!
-- Judy J

I just wanted to send an email to thank KAREN for her exceptional customer service. I contacted Kansas City Steaks 2 times this week and both times, Karen's customer service was excellent. I hope that your company understands that every employee is friendly, helpful and dedicated to their company or clients needs. Karen was on (and more) both occasions!!
-- Mark D

Your PRIVATE STOCK USDA Prime super trimmed Filet Mignons are FANTASTIC....You can not find a better steak ANYWHERE!!. (not even on a 5 star steak house)
-- Dr. R.A.

I ordered from KCS and have to tell you, everything was delish!! Not just saying that either.. I ordered the chicken breast, which I thought was a bit expensive, but when I cooked it, it was absolutely awesome... We were not sure what kind of chicken it was, but it was really nice... I also ordered the 6 pound Rib Roast (prime rib) with the rub on it. Sunday was my son's birthday and we had a full house. My wife cooked it and said it was unbelievable... definitely a keeper! So, I am very happy to report that my wife is now a fan and will be ordering again!
-- Steve A

Around Christmas, I won a contest and received a $ 50 gift card to Kansas City Steaks. Wow!!! The steaks were absolutely wonderful! My son even told me they were better than his favorite steakhouse!! Y'all are now my favorite and I will only be buying Kansas City Steaks!!! The contest was a great idea because I never would have even known about you!!! Great steaks and I have been spreading the word to anyone who will listen!!
-- Allison E

Ribeyes are the bomb and prime rib is to die for.. I love me some KC Steak Company products!!!!
-- Renee V

I love their burgers.
-- Leah C

Love your steaks, sides and burgers with Vidalia onions.
-- Paul J

I have been ordering Kansas City steaks for years because they are the best you can buy!!!!!

-- Rosalie C

I just want to say thank you for the Great customer support from my 1st order from KCSC. It is not often that you find great customer service and Monica and Karen did a great job of making sure that I had a happy experience. I look forward to many future orders.
-- Rick

The best of the best dinner for six, how do they make it so good and sell it so cheap. I'm in.
-- Wayne H

These are the top of the top for quality. We only go around once might as well be first class. I just bet one bite from this filet and you will want to smack your local butcher.
-- Charles H

This is probably the best steak (one of your 10 oz Filets) I've ever enjoyed! Following your instructions; i.e.,…season, bring to room temperature… I could not cut it with a table knife because it pulling apart! I've heard the terms, “melt in your mouth..buttery soft and tender,” this steak gives that meaning. Thank you!
-- Oscar P

Worth every penny. Great company!
-- Giovanni A

I love Kansas City Steak Company!!!!! You are a Grade above the rest!!!
-- Victoria C


-- Ali S

Great steaks.
-- Roy P

Best steaks ever.
-- Sally P

First time I've ever ordered and right before Christmas, had my first Prime Rib three days ahead of time and it was EXCELLENT! My Family Loved IT!! We will definitely be ordering again for those SPECIAL occasions.
-- Staci P

Great web site, terrific prices and nice add on deals.
-- George O

I love these steaks!
-- Christian C

Your product is great and I am looking forward to trying many of your products in the near future.
-- Ray H

Would like to THANK YOU. The Chateaubriands you send me for the holidays are delicious. Keep up the very good quality.
-- Hans H

Best Prime rib. **** 4 stars.
-- Mike N

I saw the prime rib roast (#8034) featured on QVC, but I didn't buy it during the show. However, I bought one a few weeks ago and prepared it on Christmas. The cooking instructions in the booklet that came with it was so simple to follow. Anyone could have prepared this. The meat was tender and juicy just like I was eating at a well known restaurant. This was my first ever purchase from Kansas City Steak Company (KCSC) and would recommend this to anyone. I do plan on making future purchases as well.
-- Rick L

Every year a Pastor at the church I attend receives one of your prime rib roasts from her boss. Of course, I have the great pleasure of grilling it for her family. This one was done today. It's a pleasure to have the opportunity to cook this quality meat, courtesy of you guys. You make our year, at the end of every year, here in Austin, Texas!
-- Justin S

YUM! I have tried the Steaks and Roast. FANTASTIC! Order yours today. You won't regret it ~ So much to choose from :)
-- Debra N

Merry Christmas to all of you. My packages are arriving on time and your communication has been impeccable. I am following the video for "my" Christmas Prime Rib and you have made it so easy. Two thumbs up to all of you (if I had more I would give them to you). I love you guys the most.
-- John M

Happily waiting on my Christmas ham to arrive. This is the 3rd or 4th year we have ordered a ham from Kansas City Steak. They are awesome!
-- Laura B

You have the best.
-- Jeanne D

Love your products. Yummy.
-- Nancy P

Great place!
-- Richard K

-- Ballard S

I love their food.
-- Cheris S

Hey guys! Your ribeyes rock. I ordered the strips, will cook on the grill tonight! Love the pepper bacon!
-- David S

I've had these burgers before and they are really good...had the bacon cheeseburger one, this time I would like to try the Vidalia onions, beats paying the high price burger else where, YUM!!
-- Nancy S

We just cooked one of the 16 oz prime Kansas city strips we recently received. Bottom line awesome melt in your mouth and unbelievably favorable!!! It does not get better than this steak.
-- Roland

A perfect delivery system!

-- Jerry M

Just got my first order! Excellent!!
-- Colleen M

Just finished a steak dinner of your prime USDA rib-eye. OMG put your steak seasoning on them and followed your directions on a infer-red cooker, to die for. Your the best . Thank you, thank you, thank you!
-- Gary L

Tonight, like several other evenings this summer, my wife and I enjoyed your Private Stock USDA Prime boneless ribeyes on the grill. Just about done with the box we ordered and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be ordering more to enjoy during the winter months! Thank you so much for a wonderful product that exceeded our expectations!
-- David S

We had the ribs and brisket last week. Both were outstanding especially the ribs. Fall off the bone good and the BBQ sauce was very good. Love KC steak company!
-- Jason J

Absolutely love your filets. So does my son....beautiful steaks!!

-- Randy B

I wanted to tell you I very much enjoyed the Kobe burgers and all beef hotdogs.
-- Mark H

I just wanted to thank you for having the very best Ham anywhere. It is amazing. I first saw you on QVC and wondered if it's any good. Well let me tell you on a scale of 1 to 10 it's a 12!!!!!!!!!!!!! So since that day, I've only bought your Hams and have had nothing but raves when served for company Love, Love it.

-- Darlene E

Just had the filet and lobster.....EXCELLENT! Oh my Goodness! We've had great steaks all over Texas and Colorado...and these are just like we walked into and out of one of those restaurants. The cut of the steak was perfect and the size of the lobster tail was just the right amount to go with the steak. The meat was so tender and full of that real beef taste, if you know what I mean. We were also very impressed with the packaging, the delivery, and the cleanliness of the lobster. I am already looking for what to order next. Thank you for delivering a wonderful meal and service.

-- Cindy S

In this world where quality, customer service, and concern for one's reputation seem to be on the endangered species list, there is KANSAS CITY STEAK COMPANY! The best quality..but with SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! One by one, have been experimenting and trying more products. Each item is DEEEEEELICIOUS! Just tried the ribs today - YUMMY! Please don't ever diminish or tarnish your company values. We need more companies and people like you! BRAVO!
-- Elizabeth C

I found your company on the internet and made my first order to be delivered to my mother (85 years) - I spoke with her after she received the delivery and she was delighted - all seems to be good - I will soon make another order as she has asked for more.
-- James D

They are just so delicious and tender!
-- Karen R

Just grilled some of your steak burgers for the first time. My mother-in-law purchased them as a gift for an upcoming welcome home party. We wanted to know how they tasted and handled on the grill before the event. Both my husband and myself were very impressed, great taste, texture and size. I am quick to frown upon any premade/frozen meat. Would recommend them to anyone wanting a great quality steak burger. Look forward to ordering from you soon!

-- Glenn K

The food I ordered from you arrived yesterday. I immediately defrosted two steaks for our dinner...I couldn't wait to try them. Just wanted to let you know that they were delicious! I am so happy that I decided to give you a try. The fact is that beef tenderloin has gotten to be terribly expensive in the grocery stores. Given the convenience you offer of sending pre-cut/trimmed and vacuum sealed steaks (and that they are so tasty), I have every intention of becoming a loyal customer. Thank you for great food and service!
-- Karen L

I am not a burger eater, but your Kobe Beef Steakburgers are the best burgers I have ever eaten and they have changed by habit. Thank you for the wonderful beef -- I only eat your beef, by the way; I don't trust any other.

-- Jeanne B

In the past 40 years I have ordered steaks and burgers from Omaha. Thursday, I received my first order from KC and last night I grilled one of the Filets. That was one of best Filets I have ever eaten, anywhere, much less at home. I will be ordering from KC from now on. Thank you.

-- Charles C

I just recently ordered from your company. I have ordered before and I love everything I get from you. I no longer buy steaks of any kind at the grocery. I find buying from you the best way to go in many ways. I recently ordered your Lobster tails and I admit I was skeptical. It never said what waters they came from. I cooked one of the tails tonight with my 5oz steak and the Lobster was amazing! It was very sweet, tender and came out looking so so beautiful. I had ordered the buy 4 lobsters tails with the 4 filet mignon. Just wanted you to know I was very pleased.

-- Lee B

Made the beef pot pie with tenderloin tips Wednesday night and it was GREAT! So good that I had leftovers for breakfast!
-- Carl S

Thank you for your excellent service. The package was delivered on time and the recipients were delighted with their gift.
-- Judy D

New customer to Kansas City Steak Company. Steak burgers are awesome and had steak tips last night two words for them mouth watering...thinking i'll be a long time customer..can't wait to try new product!!!
-- Chrissy B

I Love Kansas City. I Order It A lot From Qvc. I Really Like Your Steakburgers Prime Rib The Tenderloin Tips Are Awesome As Are The Twice Baked Potatoes. Thank You For Such A Good Product!

-- Mark K

I just wanted to say I have done several orders with you and everything has been top quality, but the USDA Prime tenderloin roast I just got was the best beef I have ever had, period! Also, the USDA Prime Prime Rib I got last time was also, until, this tenderloin roast, the best beef I had ever had. And I thought The House of Prime Rib in SF was the best, but not anymore. Thanks and I look forward to enjoying more of what you have to offer.

-- David H

Had the Prime Rib roast Sunday night. Best we have ever had!
-- Judy M

I wanted to let you know how very, very pleased I am with your products - and the 4.95 shipping is just fantastic. I ordered several times from Allen Brothers but their prices and shipping became simply too expensive. I decided to take a chance on Kansas City Steaks and I am really happy that I did. Your steaks are even better as are your burgers and the chicken breast Dijon cooked up like a dream. The add on specials make it easy and affordable to try out products or, since it's just the two of us I cook for, they are the perfect size. Thank you so much for your excellent products that are reasonable priced and for the 4.95 shipping. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family!
-- Karen S

Had my first prime filet last night that was ordered from your Company. It was outstanding and the best one I have eaten anywhere. Good work!!! Another company has been supplying our needs, but we will continue to use KC Steak.

-- Jon F

I have had and cooked your steaks in the past. They're incredible.
-- Scott K

I have your steaks and they are great.
-- Judith M

Have had the Prime Rib and thought I was in heaven!!! Have had the Ham and was sooooo delish I was picking at it for DAYS.....I just ordered the Burgers yesterday as part of my husbands birthday gifts.....I am anxiously awaiting mouth is watering just thinking how good they will be.
-- Susanne C

I ordered the Prime grade Prime rib for my family's Easter Day lunch. This was the best prime rib I have ever had ! My wife and mother in law tried it and loved it and ate that instead of the ham (the ham was for them because they don't like prime rib). I will be ordering another one soon ,I'm not going to wait for another holiday. Love the add-ons.
-- Alex F

-- Debbie C

Try the prime rib. It says it all. Been a customer for years.
-- Eulonda D

We love your filets, and they make excellent gifts!
-- Lisa K

I have been sending my son food form you. He has the best of everything and I found your site and have send everything I know he would like. He loved everything. Running out of idles I send a ham he said amazing. Made my day. Just wanted you to know I am very happy and find you also amazing. Thank you.
-- Marian D

I like them. Everyone we have had were very good !
-- John S

I recently purchased two orders, one for my Daughter and one for myself. I ordered the large trimmed filets and 4 filet roasts for myself. Needless to say we are in steak country here in Texas, without a doubt these filets are the most outstanding steaks that I have ever eaten. As we would say here in Texas they are as "TENDER AS A MOTHER'S LOVE". You are a quality company and I would recommend you to anyone at anytime. Keep up the good work.

-- Louis A

Your crabcakes are AMAZING!!!
-- April V

Just wanted to say we purchased from your company over the winter and just grilled the Strip Steaks the other day, the were absolutely the BEST STEAKS we ever good I placed an order for More!
-- Joanne M

I've been buying KC steaks from QVC for yrs, great steaks and burgers!
-- Rita R

As the sirloin steaks I purchased a couple of months back were very good, I just ordered and received some ribeyes and sirloins. The ribeyes were for special guests. I bar-b-qued them last night on Mesquite charcoal. They were splendid. My Son, a young Ensign in the U.S. Navy and his dear wife, all of us, enjoyed every bite. The steaks were equal to the occassion, which makes me happy.
-- Gary G

I have to let you know what a godsend your company has been. I am a "mature" woman living out in the country. Health issues make it difficult for me to go out in the winter cold. I wish I had discovered you before, but at least this winter I was able to get some of the best beef and ribs I've had, including that which I picked up at butcher's shop.In particular, your sirloin sandwich steaks are incredible. I've had a lot of steak and steak-like products meant for sandwiches, and have never had anything as incredibly tender as your steaks. And they don't require any special tricks or babying. I just throw them in a skillet and season them, and they are perfect every time. Again, let me say how much I appreciate being able to enjoy quality beef year round. For many people, myself included, you provide the welcome opportunity to eat fresh, delicious, quality meat, without the need to dig my car out of the snow or go out in the cold air.

-- Danette Y

YUMMMMMY - YOU HAVE SOME of the highest quality FOOD!!!
-- Rudolph P

We just had our Prime Rib Roast we got from you. It was excellent. We had company over and everyone just raved about it. My wife especially likes Prime Rib and we haven't been able to find one in a restaurant that was any where near as good as yours.

-- Roger W

I love your steaks.......they're by far the best steaks I've ever had.
-- Lambert A

The steakburgers are an absolutely wonderful discovery! They were an add on to beef wellington! We now keep a selection in the freezer all the time.
-- Suzanne M

Just received the Prime Ribeye steaks I ordered from you. I cooked one as soon as I opened the box. One of the best steaks I have ever eaten. Order arrived on the day I selected, Quality is first rate. Thank You! I will be ordering more.

-- Jay B

The best filet mignon I have ever eaten.
-- Robin B

Love prime rib, had it for Christmas.
-- Lesley B

My family and I enjoyed the prime rib roasts that I ordered for the first time this Christmas. Both of the roasts were excellent and everything you said they would be. I will be ordering in the future for sure. Thanks for sending the catalogue - that is where it all began.
-- Jo-Ann S.

Just made the beef tenderloin roast (your chateaubriand) last evening. It was the most delicious beef we have ever had! Melt in your mouth buttery and tender! I cannot even imagine how the Kobe would be! Made a red wine and shallot sauce to place it upon, and was wonderful! Will order another soon! 

-- Lynette M.

To celebrate a special birthday, I ordered a special cut of meat; Wagye Kobe Beef. The 8oz filets were simply, Awesome! Thank you Kansas City Steak Company for providing such a quality cut of beef. 
-- Bruce F.

We decided to try the Prime Rib for our New Year celebration and it was definitely the RIGHT decision. It could not have been any easier to prepare and the taste was simply delicious. It was even better than we expected even though we had heard other testimonials. The filets we have ordered in the past as well as the crab cakes and steakburgers have all be awesome but our favorite so far has been the prime rib. I guess we'll just have to keep trying everything so we can enjoy all the many items you have to offer. I know we will continue to enjoy our purchases and look forward to our next order. Thank you for such a special way to begin the New Year! 
-- Gay B.

I just have to say I tell EVERYONE about you and when they mention "omaha steaks" I tell them those are the ones you feed to the dog.
-- Debra B.

Ordered some bone in ribeyes for holidays but ended up saving them until this weekend...WOW! Absolutely delicious and tender. Omaha steak who? Never again for me, Kansas City Steaks from now on. Outstanding job!
-- Brent G

The roast was the 1st product we have ordered from you. It was absolutely delicious, and the highlight of our Christmas dinner. We look forward to ordering more of your products. Thank you for your fine service. 
-- Arthur B.

Ordered the Prime Rib Roast for my family Christmas Day dinner. I have cooked many rib dinners in my 50 years as the family matriarch and Head Chef but never have we had a roast that could compare to yours. Tender...fork butter....marvelous ..Flavor none I have had...and Just phenomenal!!! Minimal fat both in the pan drippings and in the meat itself. Kansas City is the only roast I will ever buy in the future. Sincerely Marilyn from East Haven, CT......and Thanks for making our dinner Spectacular!!! 
-- Mary O

I just wanted to let you know how delighted we all were with the prime rib I ordered. It was truly the best prime rib I have ever had at home. You made the holiday dinner extremely special for all. Thanks so much and keep up the GREAT work!!! 

-- Phyllis N

We were invited to our neighbors for Christmas Dinner yesterday. Our neighbors served a Kansas City Steak Company prime beef roast. WOW!!!! The meat literally melted in my mouth!!! You will now have another NEW customer!!!!! 

-- Elaine M

I just wanted to tell you that the steaks i ordered and had on Christmas Day with my family were wonderful. Rest assured i will be ordering from you again! 
-- Henry M

Your Prime Rib Roast is DELICIOUS! Easiest way ever to make a Christmas meal that everyone loved. Savory and melt in your mouth. Has become a Holiday favorite in our family. Thank you. 

-- Marty A

I ordered 2 filet mignon roast's for Christmas dinner, and could not have been any happier! I had a house full of people, and was really worried I'd ruin the meat by over cooking. They came out perfect! The seasoning was perfect, and you could cut them with a fork. Everyone raved about it. I'll definitely order from your company again. A very satisfied customer! 
-- Betsy M

We just finished a prime rib we received as a Christmas present. This prime rib was the best we have ever had. We have tried every place that brags about the best prime rib in the NY and NJ area. 
-- Dr. Seth P

"I bought a prime rib on QVC (seasoned, 4-5 lb)...I CAN NOT begin to tell you the rave reviews from our family and friends. I never really go out of my way to write a company but I was so disappointed that I didn't order TWO of them!! It was gone in about 10 minutes even though I had tons of other dishes. I just wanted to say thank you! I will be ordering them for the Super bowl (if the Pats make it), Easter and 2 for my Christmas eve bash. As was said by every guest in my home, it was the best prime rib we have EVER had...AND we are in the Boston area with many high end steak houses!!! Kudos to truly providing what you advertise!! YUM! 

-- Karen H.

Boy Oh Boy Thanks Made a big hit with the wife. She wanted Porterhouse steak so I bought the 18 oz from you cause the so called beef that they have been selling around here is not worth buying and if you do - don't bother cooking it save money and throw it out. My wife was very very very pleased with the steak - can't believe she ate the whole thing at one sitting. My daughter said that when she unwrapped the steak it smelt like a great piece of beef. Ahh the old time flavor and grreat tate. You have won us over. Thanks for the pleasurable moment - there will be more coming.
-- Stephen B.

I'm a big fan of Kansas City Steaks. I have always ordered your Top Sirloin Steaks and your Steakburgers. Today I tried your KC Strips and it was awesome. I actually ordered your Ribeyes tonight and look forward to trying them. I'm amazed how easy the Sirloins and steakburgers thaw. After a long day at work I find it so easy to cook up these steaks. And it's nice to have all this stuff stocked in my freezer and don't have to rush to the grocery store to buy a steak etc. Thanks for a great steaks!
-- Lee B

I recently ordered your baby back ribs with sauce. They are far and away the best ribs I have eaten. I have tried corky's and big daddy's ribs, and you have them beaten hands down. Follow the online directions and you'll be in hog heaven. 
-- Barry R

I want to take a minute to thank you and your family for a great holiday. You will make mine great. AAAAAA+ product. It has been a great pleasure to have known your company for all these years. The respect I have for you and your company is second to none AAAAAAAA++++ quailty HAPPY HOLIDAY TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Have a great season 
-- Paul G

I am writing to express how grateful and thankful I am to have your company around for the holidays. I have a terminal blood disorder which makes what time I have with my kids very precious to me so having your prime rib on thanksgiving makes it easier on me and frees up my time with them. The quality has always been excellent and is very easy to prepare; also, my kids love your prime rib roast both the steak house and the garlic. Your steaks the sirloins are also very good not a lot of fat and have been vey tender like your prime rib roast. My only complaint is I do not have the money to buy from you all the time or I would. You have shown through your company that price is not the only concern when it comes to buying meat but what your getting for that amount of money and your company has excelled in providing a great product keep up the great work. You have a customer for as long as I am on this planet and I know that my kids will carry on buying from your company after I am gone!
-- Tom

We have recently ordered your filet mignon's and wanted you to know that we think they are wonderful. Better than Omaha or any supermarkets. We certainly will be ordering them again soon. 
-- Anthony G

I just want to say this Thanksgiving had to be the best. I ordered your smoked turkey and ham. Both items were delicious. My entire family loved them. In the past I have ordered from other companies with mediocre taste. I have ordered other items from you and have loved everything. I had very little left-over meat for myself as eveyone had to take some home. Thank you so much for the best tasting turkey and ham I have ever had in my life.
-- Nellie N

Just wanted to thank you for the best Ham ever, we had your ham along with our turkey and was a great hit. Saw your ham on QVC and ordered it I've purchased the Honey Baked Store ham, in the past but decided to try yours OMG yours is so much better, not salty true ham taste what you see on TV is what you get, Thank You again for having the best ham ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

-- Darlene E

I ordered your chateaubriand for Thanksgiving. I used a combination of both your recipes in the booklet that came with them. After browning they took only 20 minutes in the oven at 425. The reuslt was simply wonderful, delicious and perfectly done. My quests were both delighted not to be eating turkey and impressed that I had ordered the chateaufridns on line just days before the holiday. I tadvised them to order from a reputable company (ie Kansas City Steaks) and all would be well! And it was. Thanks so much. 
-- Austin C

I have to let you know: some short time ago, for the first time, I got a product which, well, was wretched. Your CSR apoloogized, and shippped a replacement--which was TOTALLY up to snuff. So your service is great. But--get this: I recently received a solicitation from Allen Bros., who touted they only sold ""PRIME"" beef, and offered me a selection--first order only--at half price. Their ""half"" price was just about your regular price. The product arrived, and while there was nothing wrong with it, it was not a bit better than yours nor, possibly, as good. (And, of course, after that special one-time-only offer, their prices are way outside my means.) You guys may have failed me a mere once in a number of years (and, after all, every cow is a unique individual) but I find you consistently great and while I may only afford your stuff a few times a year, it makes those times all the more special. Great job, guys! Thanks. I SOOooo love good food. 
-- Aaron S

Your company has outstanding product! The ""Private Stock"" ribeye steaks have so much flavor when cooking off a hot BQ grill! A bottle of red wine and a Kanas City Steak is the best dinner ever! 
-- Christopher L

Well - we ate the whole thing - tonight we enjoyed two Kansas City Steaks - Porter house steaks - and they were very, very good - not your best (which are more expensive) - but none-the less - the steaks we had were exceptionally good. For you see - there is no beef in Texas (worth eating)(we have been in El-Paso for eight years) - and it is a special treat to enjoy Kansas City Steaks. I was born and raised on a farm in Eastern Nebraska - feeding (corn fed) cattle for ranchers in Western Nebraska - and I know what good beef tastes like. Years ago, I was at the Alameda Plaza Hotel - enjoying a fine meal - celebrating the selling of our company - with our new owners. The waiter asked what I would like - I replied a Filet - and he asked me how I wanted it cooked - and I replied - please cook it - and then cook it again (for you see, red meat is not good for you) and he, without blinking an eye, replied, very well Sir. It was great - maybe a Kansas City Steak Filet ? Tonight, I cooked my steak - and then cooked it again - and it was exceptional - you could only do this to a good steak. Anyway, one of these days we will leave El-Paso and retire and move back to the United-States - and hope that we will continue to be able to enjoy ""that special treat"" (of having a Kansas City Steak) every now and then.

-- Ralph S

I finally cooked the Prime Rib Roast that I received about 6 months ago. It was the best prime rib roast I have ever had. I cannot wait to get another roast to cook for my family for the holidays. The directions were so easy, just put it in the pan, roast and cover with foil when it's done. I loved it!
-- Mary W

I fixed the spiral cut ham that I bought some time ago. The BEST HAM I have EVER HAD!!!!
-- James M

Dear K C Steaks... I'm not one to write letters much to praise anything because it often comes back to haunt you later with disappointment...however, I want you to know how outstanding your filet mignons have been. I just ordered another batch of 8 oz super trimmed and some smaller ones as well for the kiddies. Lets just say I have bought many steaks in the past from other sources before I tried yours (sorry)...My big mistake! I haven't sampled all your items but the 8 oz super trimmed are absolutely wonderful. You have a very pleased customer here. Ps: The steakburgers are great as well!
-- Neal P

Today I had one of your Steaks I ordered a while back. All I can say delicious. You promised aged and that is true. I have not had such a good Steak for a long time. Keep up the good work. All I can say THANK YOU.
-- Hans H

Just wanted to let you know, I grilled outside some of your KC Prime Strip Steaks last Saturday night. They were delicious. Compliments from my family. Will order some more of your products.
-- Bill K

I took one bite of your steak and it reminded me of how steaks used to taste many years ago; when meats were not so full of hormones and other artificial ingredients. It was delicious...flavorful. Thank you for selling quality meats.
-- E. Brown

I recently ordered some kind of chocolate cake for my son, Tony at A&M. It was a late birthday cake. He said it was the best danged cake he's ever eaten in his life. Thanks!
-- David S

Thank you so much! This is why I continue to use your company for ALL my steak and chicken needs, for my family. You are the best!
-- Jennie P

WOW! I finally recently broke down and ordered your steakburger and all beef hotdog combination from QVC; OMG! I just had the most delicious tasty meal! Those hotdogs are huge! The steakburger was a good size too and came off the grill moist, not dried out. I have been on the fence about trying your products, but I'm so-oo glad you offered this combo. Definitely I'm going to try your steaks next. All I did was grill them on a George Foreman Evolve grill. Totaly knocked out that there was literally no grease in the drip tray or even on the grill plates. Your excellent products will make my Fourth of July (I'll be grillin' for two). Thanks very much again.
-- RJ T

OMG, I do not eat steak frequently but I do eat filet mignon when I go out, and there is nothing worst than having a filet that is not up to par. Your filet mignon is the most tender and tasty I have ever had! I will be a customer from here on out; Keep up the great work!
-- Mary B

We have been a customer of Omaha steaks for several years. I heard in a conversation about Kansas City Steaks and how good they were. I have ordered three times and I am very pleased with the taste of the steaks and hamburgers. They have a very good flavor plus the seasoning is fantastic! I just wanted to say that I will be placing more orders with you in the future. Thank you and keep up the great job and service.
-- Joseph H

I ordered the 3 slabs of ribs around Xmas and put them in the freezer. To celebrate my friend's birthday I pulled out the ribs for the celebration. We are foodies and really love good food and will travel the earth to find it. As a group we were stunned by the quality of the ribs. Each of us agreed that these were the best ribs we have ever eaten! Your ribs really made our evening and we look forward to ordering more. Thanks so much for such a great product.
-- Susan W

I sent my friend Rich four of the filet mignons. He followed the directions precisely and they cooked perfectly. He said that those were among the best filet mignons that he has ever had. Thanks for providing extremely high quality (and very tasty) beef.
-- Matt K

I just ordered from your company for the first time. I ordered the 5oz ( 20) top sirloin. Totally delicious! At first when I opened the box I thought the steaks were too tiny. Actually it was perfect. I have to say, this was very delicious. I don't get any flavor or taste from the supermarket like I did from your steak tonight. Thanks again, glad I tried them! 
-- Lee H

I must give note to you. The smoked turkey and beef tips I sent to my friends for our annual Easter party turned out to be better than any of us expected. Thank you very much. 
-- Michael S

My wife and I think that your company Kansas City Steaks is great! We do not eat any steak that doesn't come from you. Once you have had the best, nothing else will do. Keep up the great work! We tell everyone that we talk to about your company, and we pass on the extra catalogs around and tell people if you try them once you will never go any place else. Once again Thanks, and keep it up. I can tell you what we will be having for dinner on Friday night, our order is to arrive on Thursday. We have one dog and she loves it when we grill out, And you have never seen a smile till you see Rosco (the neighbors beagle) when we are walking to the fence with his T-bone. I cannot pull out the grill without an audience. We used to get the fillet migon, but with the T-bones we make everyone (the dogs) happy. This may sound silly, but I get a lot of catalogs from a lot of steak companies, we will never change, the treatment we have received from your company has been great, and the steaks are even better than the service. 
-- Patrick K

Your Filet Mignon is the most tender that I have ever tasted. Both my wife and I enjoy them. The Filets beat your competitor by a mile. 
-- John C

Just received my order of top sirloin steaks & they are great. I really appreciate your concern for customers who are on restricted diets. What sold me on your product was the American Heart Association seal of approval. Now I don't have to feel guilty enjoying a wonderful steak dinner. Thank you again for your concern & for the quality of your product 
-- Mikki T

I also wanted to thank you for the wonderful Prime Rib Roast that we had a while back, it was one of if not the best one we have had from you (and we have had many) and the new Sundried Tomato Florentine Chicken Roasts were absolutely wonderful, they are a must for our upcoming order along with the twice baked potatoes (the best we have had). 
-- Terry

"Greetings, My Order arrived on time and in very good condition. I served it as my dinner with 2 guests that I have known for 31 years. The Prime Rib Roast was exquisite and extremely tender. The Creamed Corn was the tastiest ever and the Cheddar Bacon Potatoes were absolutely amazong. I followed your instructions on how to bake it all and it was great advice. My dessert of the Carrot Cake was sweet and topped off a delicious meal. My guests were as impressed as I was with this gourmet meal and told me as much. I want to thank you for the effort that you went through in preparing such a feast and it's delivery to me.
-- Igor V

I've bought your products at QVC for years. So thrilled to have your website now!!!!!!!! Your beef is THE BEST! 
-- Joan W

I just fixed some of your new sirloin steaks for dinner last. OMG! They were the bomb! Sooo good.What a nice surprise. They were melt in your mouth tender. I will be buying more in the future. I have yet to buy anything from Kansas City that wasn't good. Whatever you are doing don't stop! 
-- Lori S

Thank You.  I have loved the rib eyes,  the hot dogs and the steak burgers.  Yum.  So glad I received your first catalog or I would of never heard about your company.  I am from Chicago, but have lived in Texas most my life.  Thank you for all your help.  My next order is going to be the crab cakes.  
-- Eleanor G

Tired of ham or turkey for the holidays I wanted something different. Just before Christmas 2011 I ordered an Traditional Rubbed Prime Rib Roast. I can honestly say it was the best Prime Rib I ever ate. I invited family members to Christmas eve dinner where I served the Prime Rib. Everyone was amazed at the look and taste of the roast. It was a big hit, It will now be a Christmas eve tradition. Thanks so much for the quality product. I will be a repeat customer. 
-- John M

Having just recently tried the beef wellington I have to say it was absolutely delicious, kudos on the duxelles. 
-- Joel M

I ordered a prime rib as a gift, for friends, for Christmas. I have ordered your steaks and burgers from QVC and they were absolutely amazing! My favorable past experience with your meat, prompted me to order of the prime rib. My friends "raved" about the prime rib. He said he has eaten a lot of beef (including prime rib) and said this was the best he ever had. It's the rub that pulls it all together. 
-- Helen

"We have been dealing with your company for many years and with only one notable exception, we have always been very satisfied. However, this Holiday Season we ordered a combination spiral cut ham and boneless beef roast which was an internet offer, Both items were superb . We thought that you deserve to read some VERY POSITIVE feedback. We look forward to ordering this again in the future. "
-- Mary Ann B

I had a little trouble with my first order, but your helpful gal bailed me out. I wanted to get the free 12 steakburgers, which she said were far better than other steak companies. In fact, I ordered 3 different packages and got them every time! And she was right. My wife and I tried your steakburgers last nite, after we found out there was a 3 1/2 hour wait at our favor restaurant for New Years Eve dinner.. The steakburgers were terrific, and I've lost half of my taste due to medication. My wife hasn't been feeling well, but said they really settled well on her sensitive tummy. THANKS FOR JUST BEING A GOOD CORPORATION in the midst of a bunch of bad apples! 
-- Frank K

Bravo! We have always ordered Omaha Steaks, and were quite happy with them. This year, for the first time, we recieved your catalog and decided to try your product. We liked the idea of the flat rate shipping, as opposed to, the more you order the more we charge for shipping. Tonight we decided to cook dinner at home, instead of going out for a rushed, over priced new year's eve dinner. So, this afternoon, I defrosted two of your filet mignons, pre-baked some potatoes in the micro-wave and wrapped them in foil and waited for cooking time. About an hour and a half before dinner, I seasoned the steaks with your seasoning blend and put them back in the refirgerator. I pulled them out about 45 minuteds before cooking time. My husband pre-heated the grill, put the potatoes on for about 12 minutes and then put the steaks on. He cooked them according to your directions for medium and we just finished the best steak dinner that we have ever had! From now on, it is only Kans as City Steak Company for us! Since Christmas, we have had tonights steaks, as well as the tenderloin tips that I quick seared and served with mushrooms, sweet onions and pea pods, over a bed of saffron seasoned basmati rice. I couldn't be happier! We will be enjoying your tenderloin roast in the near future and, if weather continues to hold in the North East, some of your gourmet burgers will be hitting the grill really soon! 
-- Jane P

Omaha what, where? Can't get any further than Kansas City! Thank you for your outstanding products! 
-- Sara A

Now this was not the first time I have fixed your prime rib roast. This was the second time and my family and I thank you for such fine pieces of meat. Cooked them according to directions with your steak and prime rib rub. To easy to go wrong and we all felt we were having the best restaurant quality dinner right at home. They are still talking today about the fine dinner we had last night. 
-- John P

I just made one of your prime ribs for the occasion of my wife's birthday and our son's arrival home on leave from the Navy. I have to tell you, we have NEVER had a roast so tender that we felt guilty using knives on it. It was FANTASTIC. 
-- Neil B

I like to order my meat online because it's easier for me and for some reason it seems that the quality of the meat in the grocery stores surrounding my home has not been the best in the last couple of years (unless I want to pay an arm and a leg for it). Just recently I received the ribeyes I ordered - my first order from Kansas City Steaks. The steaks were just as promised - full of marbling and tender as can be. I appreciate the cooking instructions provided and I also really liked the seasoning rub that I received with them. Needless to say I will be ordering again! So happy I found Kansas City Steak!
-- Charisse L

Thanks very much! I must say I've ordered from Omaha Steaks and Stockyards - your steaks have always been a cut above the competition!
-- Steve P

Good morning, just wanted to tell you that if anyone orders meats from anyone other than you, they are crazy. You are what steak is all about. Thanks very much from a satisfied customer.
-- Richard K

I would like to say those were the best steaks I have ever had. I ordered from other companies online, but none of them gave me the deals like you did. The steaks and burgers were perfect.
-- Edward F

I just thought that I would write you and tell you how happy I am to do business with your wonderful company. I noticed your steaks one day on QVC, the American Heart Association. They were great!!! I then started ordering steaks directly from you. Now, I will have to be honest with you. I did try an order from your compitition, Omaha steaks. I was extremely disappointed in what they sent me. Kansas City Steaks are truely the best on the market. Thanks for you great products and service. 
-- Timothy M

Please pass on the word..... not only does the Kansas City Steak Company have the best steaks but a great customer service department!
-- Lindsay

Thanks for filling the freezer -- Your products are the best regardless of whether they are on sale or not!!! 

-- Anonymous