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Mail Order Steaks

What Is So Great About Mail Order Steaks?

We get asked all the time why it's better to buy mail order steaks rather than running to the grocery store down the street. The truth is, mail order beef tends to be fresher - it cuts out much of the distribution necessary to get steak from the farmer to the local grocer. The result is a tastier, more tender cut of meat. All of our meat is corn-raised in the prime beef country of Western Kansas.

An additional benefit to you is the convenience of mail order. Meat arrives dry ice packed, sealed and to your door within just a matter of a couple days. It's up to you whether you'd like to stock up or light up the grill right away. Getting Kansas City Steak Company steaks in the mail saves the hassle of a trip to the store, particularly if you're planning on cooking for a large number of people. The delivery of steak by mail also guarantees that you will be getting only the best, hand-selected cuts of meat, not whatever happens to be left over in the butcher's section.

There are other mail order meat companies on the Internet, but we are known for the quality of our steaks. After all, Kansas City Strips did originate right in our hometown. The Kansas City Steak Company prides itself on offering gourmet mail order steak and outstanding customer service. Our Filet Mignon is top-of-the line: delicious, tender and full of flavor.

We have been in business over 80 years and have earned a reputation as a mail order meat company you can rely on for the best beef. We encourage you to enjoy the convenience and freshness of our mail order steaks. You certainly won't be disappointed. We guarantee it!

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