Steak Gifts

Steak Gifts Are Appreciated By All

These days you can order anything online and send it as a gift. We don't think it should be any different when it comes to steak gifts. The Kansas City Steak Company offers a sizzling selection of premium steak cuts so you can send gifts to colleagues, friends and loved ones all year long.

Imagine their reactions when they receive a beautifully packaged gourmet meat gift selected just for them. Choose from popular steak cuts like Filet Mignons, Kansas City Strips, T-Bones, Porterhouses or our lean and delicious Steakburgers.

To assure the best tasting meat possible, we pack our gourmet steak gifts in dry ice and seal them tight to lock in the natural juices. 

This year, consider sending steaks as gifts instead of chocolate or a tin of popcorn. It's elegant, considerate and delicious. Most importantly, it's a very memorable way to send a thoughtful message to someone.

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