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The Kansas City Steak Company
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Gourmet Food Gift Baskets

Gourmet Food Gift Baskets from Kansas City Steaks … A Cut Above the Rest

Most of us have given or received gift baskets. But if you've ever been fortunate enough to receive gourmet food gift baskets, you know that others pale by comparison.

And why not? Gourmet food gift baskets are the ultimate expression of thanks or congratulations. That's especially true of a gourmet food gift basket filled with premium steaks and seafood from Kansas City Steak Company.

Shop our selection of top quality steaks from corn-fed Kansas beef cattle, and you'll find everything you need for truly memorable gourmet food gift baskets. You'll receive complimentary cooking tips and recipes and free seasoning packets with your order -- wonderful additions to your gourmet food gift baskets. For the perfect finishing touch, add one of our decadent desserts or a gift certificate.

Next time you need to give something special, consider gourmet food gift baskets filled with premium steaks or seafood from The person who receives your generous gift will never forget it!

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