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How to Use the Reverse Searing Method for Steak

Have you ever tried to figure out how to cook steak that is unusually large? Like a filet mignon that's over two inches thick? Or one of those huge "Cowboy" steaks or "Tomahawk" steaks? These impressive cuts are also expensive; anything less than perfectly cooked is not an option. Broiled or pan-seared steak techniques won't work, these cuts are just too thick and your steak will end up overdone on the outside long before the center is cooked to the desired temperature.

But don't worry! All you need to know is how to reverse sear a steak.

What is reverse sear? It's a great cooking technique that will deliver a juicy tender interior and the intensely flavorful, rich golden-brown, crisp exterior that every steak lover craves — even when you're dealing with a colossal cut.

It begins with cooking steak in the oven, at a low, steady temperature that ensures a beautifully cooked interior. Follow that with a quick sear in a very hot skillet for a soul-satisfying exterior.

Follow the instructions below and soon you'll know how to use the reverse sear method like a pro. We've also included a chart that will tell you the cooking temperatures and times required; just be sure to use a meat thermometer for the best results. And be prepared for some serious applause when you show off that amazing steak.

Reverse Sear Steak the Professional Way

  • Preheat oven to 275°F. Place steaks on a wire rack over a baking sheet.
  • Place baking sheet on the center rack of the hot oven. Cook until internal temperature reaches 10°F lower than the desired final temperature, according to the times listed in this cooking times chart.
  • Remove and let steaks rest for 5 minutes, covering lightly with foil.
  • Preheat a heavy skillet or cast-iron skillet over high heat until very hot, about 5 minutes. A hot skillet delivers the best sear.
  • Add some butter or oil and sear steaks for one minute each side. The final internal temperature of your steak should match the temperature of your desired level of doneness, as listed in this cooking times chart.
  • The sear will give your steaks the rich golden-brown color and enhanced flavor that is typically associated with grilled steaks.
  • Serve immediately. Unlike other methods of cooking steak, the low heat of the oven used in reverse searing does not draw the juices of the meat to the surface so additional resting time is not needed.


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