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Cooking Directions & Tips

Tips for Kansas City Steak Favorites:
Steak Grilling Chart & Video
Flavorful Broiled Steaks
Pan Searing
How to Measure Doneness
Preparing Kansas City Sandwich Steaks
How to Grill to American Heart Association Steaks
Preparing Steakburgers
All Beef Hot Dogs

Tips for Specific Steak Cuts:
How to Cook Filet Mignon
Preparing Porterhouse
Preparing T-Bone
Preparing Ribeye
Preparing Top Sirloin
Preparing Kansas City Strips
Preparing Beef Wellington
Preparing Chateaubriand
Preparing Prime Rib

Tips for Seafood:
Preparing Lobster Tails &Shrimp
Preparing Crabcakes & Crab Claws
Preparing Salmon, Grouper and Sole

Tips for Other Dishes:
Handling Ham and Turkey
How to Carve a Turkey
Tender Chicken Dishes
Hickory Smoked Ribs and Brisket
Moist, Delicious Desserts
Side Dish Cooking Tips
Pork Cooking Tips

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