Steak Companies

Kansas City Steak Company - Different Than Other Steak Companies

Not all steak companies are created equal. The Kansas City Steak Company has been in business for over 80 years and we've worked hard to maintain the integrity and values that founded the business so many years ago.

The difference with Kansas City Steak Company is you. Our customers are our biggest priority and we never forget there are other places people can buy steaks. We value your satisfaction and strive for superior customer service and consistent quality. Other steak companies may rely on outside help with either manufacturing or distribution, but we maintain control of our processes so we can assure our customers only finest cuts of meat.

The Kansas City Steak Company is headquartered in - you guessed it, Kansas City. We're the home of the Kansas City Strip and some of the finest barbecue in the country. Our locals know quality beef and we never would've survived as a steak company if we didn't offer the best. Enjoy the the Kansas City Steak Company difference - customer satisfaction, quality and reliability.

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