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Handling, Thawing & Refreezing

Thawing Instructions

Do thaw your Kansas City Steak Company™ meats in the refrigerator on a plate or platter, because it enhances the flavor by preserving the natural tenderness. It will take at least 24 hours for steaks and at least 3 days for roasts to thaw depending on the thickness.

Don’t use a microwave or soak your Kansas City Steak Company™ meats in water to hasten thawing. Microwaving and soaking affect the rich flavor and tenderness that make these steaks and roasts so special.

Refreezing your Shipment

You do not have to be concerned if little or no dry ice remains in the insulated cooler when your meats arrive. As long as the products feel cool to the touch, the quality is not diminished and you can either refreeze or refrigerate it to serve later.

Our cold-water lobster tails, shrimp, fish or chicken should not be refrozen. However if they are cool to the touch you can refrigerate and serve within 7 days.  If the product is not cool to the touch,  please contact our customer service department at 1-800-524-1844.

Crabcakes are okay to be refrozen.

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Just finished a steak dinner of your prime USDA rib-eye. OMG put your steak seasoning on them and followed your directions on a infer-red cooker, to die for. Your the best . Thank ...

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