Wet Aged Beef

Wet Aged Beef For A Tender Steak

When you hear the term "wet aged beef," do you know what that means? We are here to help! Wet aging is the process of taking a fresh side of beef, cutting it into steaks, then vacuum packing the cuts and letting them age in a refrigerated unit for anywhere from seven to 28 days. There is a reason steak lovers prefer wet aged beef over standard processing, and that reason is because of the resulting tenderness! By allowing the wet aged meat to essentially sit in its own juices, the steak composition breaks down, the toughness dissolves and the flavor seeps in to every bite.

Wet aged beef is typically only found in the finer, more expensive cuts of meat such as tenderloins and filets. True steak lovers will be able to tell the difference between the taste and texture of wet aged beef versus a steak that has simply been cut and sent to the grocery store.

The Kansas City Steak Company is delighted to offer you a wide variety of delicious, wet aged meat for you to choose for your dining pleasure. We're quite confident you'll be pleased with the taste difference in every tender, buttery bite.

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