Great Steaks

What's The Difference Between Good Steaks and GREAT Steaks?

We're glad you asked. Many things work together to answer your question. Where the beef comes from ... the amount of marbling throughout the beef … the cut of steak and how it is trimmed ... and of course, how it is prepared. These factors make all the difference when it comes to preparing and enjoying a great steak dinner.

At the Kansas City Steak Company, we're all about great steaks. When you order from us, you can rest easy, knowing that you will receive quality cuts from cattle raised in the golden wheat and cornfields of the Midwest. Each of our steaks are carefully inspected and trimmed, then wet-aged to seal in tenderness and flavor. From our Top Sirloins to our T-bones, Ribeyes to our crowd-pleasing Filet Mignon, you'll find a wide variety of great steaks here.

When it comes to preparation, everyone has their own opinion about what makes a steak truly memorable. Our favorite steaks, USDA Prime Ribeyes, are best when grilled medium-rare. Direct-heat grilling is the most popular way to prepare steaks, but broiling is another terrific alternative.

Make your go-to source for great steaks. You have our word that your beef will meet our high standards -- and yours.

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