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Corporate Steak Gifts

Consider A Corporate Steak Gift Instead of Chocolate

Many companies do the same thing year after year for their business thank you gifts – chocolate, fruit baskets or popcorn. This time, try something different – send a corporate steak gift to your favorite customers. They will be thrilled to have something that is delicious, satisfying and a real treat.

It may be unusual to think about giving a corporate meat gift to your clients, but we assure you it’s an extremely popular way to thank your best customers. Contact us about suggestions for putting something together for an incentive program or if you need to send a corporate steak gift to numerous people. Our corporate concierge can help you out no matter what the issue is.

A corporate meat gift can also be used as an excellent business incentive to drive sales . At the end of the sales period or contest dates, those who have brought in the most business can help themselves to a corporate steak gift courtesy of you! They can choose from any of our delicious cuts of meat – filets, ribeyes, strips and more.

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