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Kansas City Steak Company Celebrates National Prime Beef Month

Kansas City Steak Company Celebrates National Prime Beef Month
Free Shipping On All USDA Prime Beef

Less than two percent of all beef produced in the United States earns a prime designation – the highest quality beef you can eat. Each September the beef industry celebrates all things Prime and this year Kansas City Steak Company is offering free shipping on all Prime Beef. No code needed.

The prime grade is only given to meat with the most marbling. Because of its superior quality, most chefs recommend using dry-heat cooking methods, like grilling and roasting, to bring out the wonderful flavors that can only come from prime beef.

"Our Private Stock USDA Prime Beef is the best of the best," says Ed Scavuzzo, President of the Kansas City Steak Company. "It's very rare to see prime meat for sale at the grocery store because it tends to be purchased by high-end restaurants and hotels. Now you can have restaurant-quality Prime Beef delivered directly to your home – and the shipping is free."

The Kansas City Steak Company offers many different Prime cuts so you can select and enjoy all the succulent flavors of your favorite steaks and roasts: Top Sirloin, Ribeyes, Filet Mignon, Prime Rib, Chateaubriand, Porterhouse, and Kansas City Strips. You can even choose Prime combos. Whatever you choose, prime cuts are always crowd pleasers.

Founded in 1932, the Kansas City Steak Company™ offers a variety of the highest quality meats and other fine foods direct to the consumer through the company's catalog, website and toll-free phone number. 1.888.527.8325. http://www.kansascitysteaks.com

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