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Rack of Lamb is a meaty treat from the best part of the lamb. Our 8-bone grass-fed Rack of Lamb Roast gives you the mild, buttery flavor that makes it the most popular cut. Roast it, grill it, cut it into chops – however you prepare it, it’s a crowd pleaser. It’s also free of any added hormones and antibiotics. Taste it once and you’ll make it a tradition at your table.

American Lamb is...

  • Each 8-bone rack serves 2-3.
  • Tender, delicious and available year-round.
  • Meatier on the bone than imported lamb, making it a great value.
  • Nutrient-rich to easily fit into a healthy lifestyle.
  • USDA inspected for wholesomeness.
  • Easy to prepare using simple methods that best enhance the lamb's succulent natural flavor.
  • Cooking

    Thaw rack of lamb in refrigerator for one day.

    Remove lamb from packaging and place rack in a foil lined roasting pan.

    Roast in 375°F oven until the meat thermometer registers 145°F for medium rare (about 55 to 65 minutes) or 160°F for medium (about 1 to 1 ¼ hours).

    Note: Lightly brush lamb with olive oil and season with salt, pepper and crushed rosemary or favorite herb.


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