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Experience rich flavor and tenderness with our 100% Grass Fed Natural Black Angus Beef. One of our healthy Grass Fed cuts each month: Tenderloin Filets, Strip Steaks and Ribeyes!

12 Month Paleo Club

We’ve made it easier to order! You pick who it’s shipped to and then click Add to Cart to pick from the list of our delicious products! You can pick a new item for each delivery or have the same one delivered each month. Then tell us when you want the initial item shipped and we’ll send each additional monthly shipment consecutively after that.

Plan Benefits

  • The shipping costs are included!
  • Pick from a variety of products
  • A letter is sent to your recipient letting them know what they should expect each month
  • One item shipped per month
  • Each shipment arrives with a gourmet guide

    Here are the products you can pick from for the 12 month plan:

  • 6 (6oz) Grass Fed Filet Mignon
  • 6 (10oz) Grass Fed Kansas City Strip Steaks
  • 4 (10oz) Grass Fed Boneless Ribeye Steaks

    Please note:

    No substitutions or changes can be made to the product listings or the order in which the items are shipped. Overnight shipping is not available for Monthly Steak Plans Orders sent to Alaska and Hawaii will be charged an additional $30 per shipment
  • Cooking

    Thaw in refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

    Grill Master (Charcoal/Gas)

  • Season as desired: We recommend Kansas City Steak Original Steak seasoning. Place steaks over medium, ash-covered coals, or, preheat gas grill on high, then reduce to medium heat while cooking steaks.
  • Grill to desired doneness, according to time listed, turning once for 1-inch thick steaks, occasionally for thicker steaks.

    Stove Top Skillet

  • Heat a heavy nonstick skillet over medium heat until hot, for about 5 minutes.
  • Season, as desired. Place steak(s) in preheated skillet (do not overcrowd). Do not add oil or water. Do not cover. Cook to desired doneness according to the times listed, turning once for 1-inch thick steaks, occasionally for thicker steaks.


  • Set oven for broiling; preheat 10 minutes. During broiling, the door of an electric oven should be left ajar; the door of a gas oven should remain closed. (Consult your owner’s manual.)
  • Season, as desired. Place steaks on rack in broiler pan. Position broiler pan so that the surface of the beef is 3 to 4 inches from the heat. Broil to desired doneness, according to times listed, turning once.

     USDA Preparation Guidelines for Mechanically Tenderized Beef:
     Grill until product reaches 145F as measured by a food thermometer, and  hold the product at or above that temperature for 3 minutes.

    Please click below for more cooking directions:

    Grilling Directions
  • Nutrition

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