Filet Mignon Online

Filet Mignon: King of Steaks

Purchase your filet mignon online at, and you'll be thrilled to discover several ways you can serve this best-selling cut.

Best suited to dry, high-heat cooking, the filet mignon is actually cut from the tenderloin -- which is considered by most chefs to be the most tender cut of beef available. Order your filet mignon online and choose whether you want it wrapped with bacon … seasoned and wrapped with mushrooms in puff pastry as Beef Wellington ... as a tender, juicy Chateaubriand roast ... or even "naked" -- ready and waiting for you to season and prepare however you like it best.

Are you looking for the very BEST filet mignon out there? Look no further than our Private Stock Super-Trimmed Filet Mignon online. Certified USDA Prime, this fork-tender steak should never be cooked beyond medium rare. Our customers usually tell us that they prefer to either grill or broil their filet mignon.

Regardless of how you choose to prepare it, buy filet mignon online from Kansas City Steaks Company the next time you want to take your dinner up a notch. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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