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Cold Water Lobster Tails

Cold Water Lobster Tails - Taste The Difference

There really is a difference between cold water lobster tails and warm water lobster tails. Like the name, warm water lobster tails come from warmer regions and waters around Cuba, Florida, Latin America and areas in the Caribbean. Cold water lobster is found in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and what we think of when we think "lobster" - Maine.

Cold water Maine lobster is whiter, more tender and tastes purer than its warm water cousins. The reason cold water lobster is superior in quality is because lobsters grown in this environment actually take longer to age. Cold water lobster grows bigger over time and thus, develops more flavor and tenderness underneath the shell.

Kansas City Steak Company only sells top quality cold water Maine lobster. We find the superior taste to be an outstanding companion to our exquisitely marbled steaks. We also work directly with lobster fishermen in Maine to assure as much freshness as possible. We'll ship our cold water lobster tails anywhere in the country, and they will arrive ice packed and ready to prepare.

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