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Order Steak and Try A Dessert!

We encourage you to order steaks online and try one of our tempting desserts as an after dinner treat. It’s a wonderful way to finish off a delicious meal. Many people come back again and again to order steaks with us, but we think our desserts are as tempting as our beef. We try to make it easy for you when you order steak online – all you have to worry about is a side of potatoes or a salad to make a complete meal. Now imagine the smiles at the table when you bring out a Lemon Charlotte Royale! Why just order steak when you can have your cake and yes, eat it too?

Next time you order steak online, throw in a Cognac Pumpkin Cake or our extremely popular Chocolate Velvet Boule. They’re simply wonderful. Remember when you order steaks, don’t forget the dessert!
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