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Great Steaks

The Difference Between Good Steaks and GREAT Steaks

Where the beef comes from ... the amount of marbling … the cut and how it's trimmed ... and clearly, how it's cooked. All of these matter when it comes to preparing and enjoying a great steak dinner.

At Kansas City Steak Company, we're all about great steaks. When you order from us, you receive quality cuts from corn-fed Kansas beef cattle. Every steak is carefully inspected and trimmed, then wet-aged to seal in tenderness and flavor. From top sirloins to T-bones, ribeyes to filet mignon, you'll find a huge variety of great steaks here.

When it comes to preparation, everyone has an opinion about what makes a steak truly memorable. Our favorite steaks Prime ribeyes, grilled medium-rare. Direct-heat grilling is the most popular way to prepare steaks, but broiling is a terrific alternative.

Make kansascitysteaks.com your source for great steaks. You have our word that your beef will meet our high standards -- and yours.
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