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The Kansas City Steak Company Celebrates Mom and Couples

The Kansas City Steak Company Celebrates Mom and Couples
Special deals on four popular filet flavors begin mid-April and run through May 7

Mother's Day (May 12) is rapidly approaching and this year the Kansas City Steak Company is making it a little easier for you to pamper mom by announcing a special promotion on its four most popular filet options. Choose from filets wrapped with hickory bacon, pepper bacon, or applewood smoked bacon and filets without bacon. Beginning in mid-April, you'll receive $10 off 6 (6 oz.) filet mignons – the perfect cut for your perfect mom.

April is also Couple Appreciation Month - a perfect time to appreciate all the things your loved one does to make you feel special. Tender filets are the perfect star of a romantic meal for just the two of you.

"Whether you want to prepare for a meal that honors mom or your special someone, or send the perfect gift, you can't go wrong with our filets," said Ed Scavuzzo, President, Kansas City Steak Company. "Our juicy filet mignons come from the finest western Kansas corn-fed beef. Each one is aged for up to 28 days to bring out exquisite flavor and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness."

Rounding out your perfect meal for mom (or your partner) is a snap when you choose from some of the gourmet side dishes and decadent desserts from the Kansas City Steak Company. Imagine the joy on your mom's face when she sits down to a meal that includes a tender filet mignon, mashed potatoes with porcini mushrooms and chocolate hazelnut ganache. Kansas City Steak Company does all the work (though you will need to clean up) and you get all the credit. And with the special promotion this month, there's never been a better time to stock up.

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