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How to Cook London Broil?

How to Cook London Broil?
London Broil is a perplexing term. The name actually refers to the preparation method, not the cut of meat like a Filet Mignon or a T-Bone. The preparation of London broil usually consists of marinating the meat for several hours followed by high-heat searing with a broiler or grill. We recommend using Skirt Steak and one of the recipes below.

Since steaks are thin, sear steaks over high heat for a couple of minutes on each side until internal temperature reaches 130 - 150 F, for medium rare to medium.

When cutting a skirt steak it's important to cut against the grain. An easy way to slice: First cut each piece of skirt into a three-to-four-inch section with the grain. Then, slice each of those sections into thin strips about ╝-inch thick against the grain. This will ensure you have the shortest muscle fibers, creating nothing but a tender, flavorful steak.

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